Black Friday – please sign the petition

Wealden LibDems Chair Alan Whittaker says:

Friday 24th June produced one of the bleakest early mornings that most of us have had to face. The result of the unnecessary referendum foisted on the nation resulted in “Little England winning over Great Britain”, as Italy’s Corriera della Serra put it.

There is no disguising the fact that the Brexiters’ win was sad, stunning, disappointing and disastrous for the United Kingdom and particularly for teenagers and twenty somethings – the generations that will suffer longest the effects of the exit decision by their elders.

I hesitate to follow Gove’s reference to Nazis, but Hitler and Goebbels  infamously made use of the Big Lie –  if a lie is big enough and is repeated loudly enough then it will be believed.

Johnson’s £350 million slogan was untrue. But it was believed. Interestingly, now the poll is over Farage is distancing himself from it – despite evidence to the contrary from BBC Question Time.

The prime minister fought strongly and I think sincerely to Remain, unlike Corbyn, but it must be remembered it was his decision to call a totally unnecessary referendum. It was a political party decision. Cameron hoped to tame his Euro sceptic right wing. Party was put before nation.

As a result of the Leave win the home nations have been split from one another and within their borders, and educational, social, political, and inter-generational fissures cover the face of our Union. The future truly is bleak.

The Tories are still the nasty party and Johnson, the buffoon who is content to live with a lie, is the bookies’ favourite to succeed Cameron. Forget immigrants: watch the emigration queue.

Italy’s leading newspaper is right.

Meanwhile for those unhappy with the result – there is a petition on the Government Petitions website calling for a second referendum. At the time of writing the number of signatures is over 2.9 million – far in excess of the number signing any other petition on the site to this date.

I urge all those unhappy with the referendum result toSign the Petition

In sorrow at the result and in anger at the system that produced it


PS – Thanks again for fighting for sanity

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Referendum result Wealden DC

Our former Referendum agent in Wealden, Paul Meakin, reports the result of the referendum count across the Wealden Distrrict Council area was as follows:-

Remain: – 44,084 45.5%
Leave: – 52,808 54.5%
Spoiled: – 52
Total: – 96,944
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Thursday 23 June – REFERENDUM DAY


  • A liberal, outward-looking, compassionate Britain

  • A richer Britain (only fools back away from the largest and richest market in the world – the EU)

  • A safer Britain (peace in the EU for 70 years)

  • A healthier environment (pollution knows no frontiers)

  • A Britain with a seat at all the top tables, instead of an isolated off shore island with a declining economy

  • A Britain that cares about the future of its children and grandchildren, and looks forward to the future, not backwards


Sussex IN Europe Twitter_logo_blue Facebook_f

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Raj talks about what being in Europe means for young people…

A young student from Forest Row talks about the referendum.

Raj from Forest Row in video

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Jo Cox

We in Wealden Liberal Democrats wish to join in expressing our shock at the senseless murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday. The murder of an elected representative has made Thursday 16 June 2016 a terrible day for the country, irrespective of one’s political viewpoint.

We wish to express our condolences to Jo’s husband and her children. A statement by Jo’s husband Brendan is available to read here.

National campaigning for the EU Referendum has been suspended until Sunday 19 June by agreement among all parties across both the Remain and Leave campaigns – in some areas door to door leafleting may continue during the national suspension of campaigning.

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10 Facts about the EU

It’s time to restore sanity to the debate.

See the top ten facts about the European Union.

Check out the #1 Fact below. Click on the image below and wait – to see and share all 10 facts in turn.

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Tory MP swaps from Leave to REMAIN

Conservative MP and former GP Sarah Wollaston has abandoned support for the Leave campaign after being reported earlier as refusing to hand out NHS leaflets published by Vote Leave, describing them as “deliberately misleading”.

Dr Wollaston told the BBC

“For someone like me who has long campaigned for open and honest data in public life I could not have set foot on a battle bus that has at the heart of its campaign a figure that I know to be untrue.

“If you’re in a position where you can’t hand out a Vote Leave leaflet, you can’t be campaigning for that organisation.”

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The most important vote Express readers may ever cast

Alan WhittakerWealden LibDems Chair Alan Whittaker, writing in the Sussex Express says:

The letters page of the Sussex Express have been buzzing with views on the forthcoming EU referendum, and rightly so. Even though the Outers support their position more with nostalgia and emotion rather than with logic, these public discussions show that democracy is alive and well in the county. This, of course, is to be welcomed. I share the late Tony Benn’s insistence that policy not personality should be the focus of debate, so I was a little dismayed that one or two readers felt they could attack me rather than what I said. I won’t bore readers by responding in detail, but I would appreciate space to refer to one of them.

Michael Staples (May 6) said I ‘came out with the usual canards’. Will he please reveal what those rumours are? I have no wish knowingly to mislead Express readers. Mr Staples also takes me to task for saying that the younger generation would suffer should the Outers win the referendum. Well that view is supported by the current shadow foreign secretary who recently stated that “the Leave campaigners are doing such a great disservice to our children and grandchildren” It’s always enjoyable to be supported out of the blue. And remember: you saw it here first!

Only the very foolish would say that the EU is perfect in any way. But as with any club, change can only be effected from the inside, by its members. Is it worth being a member and having access to a home – this fact cannot be repeated often enough – market five times bigger than the UK’s alone? The following national players think so.

GSK boss, Sir Andrew Witty, says staying In would help to attract investment to fight such diseases as Alzheimer’s and cancer. He says without qualification: “Staying in would be better for the health and wealth of the UK.”

The routes that Norway and Switzerland have taken essentially mean paying and obeying Brussels for the privilege of trading with the EU. The chancellor, at the launch of the treasury’s analysis of the benefits of Remaining in the EU said, in effect, that it was “economically illiterate” to assert that Britain could enjoy all the benefits of EU membership by leaving.

The Environmental Audit Committee recently found that EU membership had benefitted Britain’s environment.

The list of benefits to the UK are endless from the major, such as free or cheap medical care when on holiday to being able to cross Continental borders without visas.

It is not being melodramatic to state that a date with destiny is looming. Vote to Remain on polling day in just a few weeks’ time. There is still time – just – to register to vote. It can be done on line or simply contact Wealden District Council.

Voting in the referendum may be the most important vote Express readers have ever cast.

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EU Basics – Your Guide to the Referendum

The European Movement has published a very useful guide covering how the EU works and the benefits for Britain of remaining in the EU.

You can download the guide here.

European MovementEuropean Movement Sussex

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IN or OUT? EU Referendum Debate Uckfield 3 June

EU_Ref_3June_UckfieldBring your questions to the debate at the Ashdown Room, Uckfield Civic Centre  Friday 3 June, 6:30 pm for free drinks with meeting starting at 7:00 pm and concluding by 9:00 pm. This event is to be chaired by Uckfield FM founder Mike Ziolek.

See Uckfield is OPEN website.

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