Gina Miller – EU citizens should vote LibDem

Gina Miller has led the campaign through the courts to ensure that parliament has a say on the final outcome of Brexit.

It was extraordinary that the power brokers in the Tory party did not want parliament to have a say on the outcome of the negotiations given that they campaigned to regain sovereignty, which of course we had never lost.

The Libdems are the only party have since the referendum have campaigned to remain. We all agree that the EU is not perfect but being in it we can change it. Being out we lose access to our most important trading partner which will have devastating economic consequences. We can still trade outside. We are also diminished on the world stage. Worse the problems this country really faces of poor education, an NHS on the brink, lack of skills, no developing strategy for a future with more technology, all of these things are not being addressed while everyone is focussed on Brexit.

We welcome Gina Millers endorsement of the Liberal Democrats.

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