Liberal Democrat March for Europe Saturday 23 June

On Saturday, June 23rd 2018, there will be an anti-Brexit march calling for a vote on the final deal in London.

As the only political party that is clearly and firmly opposed to Brexit, the federal party is organising a major Liberal Democrats presence at this event.

LibDem MEP Catherine Bearder says:

“Time is getting very tight, but it is still possible to stop Brexit. As Europe waits for real answers on the hundreds of issues to be sorted, Mrs May is wasting time trying unite her quarrelsome cabinet, not putting the fate of our country first.

“To make matters worse Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is still cowering behind the sofa rather than being a real opposition.

“If there was ever a time for the people to stand up and demand to be listened to it is now – and they are.

“23rd June is the second anniversary of the European referendum Leavers lied about having a plan and it’s now clear that there is no plan for our exit. It’s costing us all money, jobs, damaging the NHS and the future for peace and security for our young.

“So I am asking you to join me on 23rd June as we march through London – to give voice to the people’s concerns.

“The march will reconfirm our commitment to EU membership and call for a public vote on the deal – when people, not politicians, should have the final say.

“It’s what Liberal Democrats have been calling for since day one.

“I will also be joined by MEPs from all parties at this march. This is real, European cross-party cooperation.

“So, I’m asking you to join together with me and with thousands of other pro-Europeans and march on Mrs May’s front doorstep. Wear your blue hats, bring your flags and swell the crowds.

“We really can do this – public opinion has shifted hugely, we now need to make sure those in Westminster listen to us.”

If you wish to join the LibDem group on the march please RSVP here.

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