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Why our nation faces a perilous 9 months

August 11, 2018 8:24 AM

Wealden Libdem Alan Whittaker says

Two of correspondents of the Sussex Express last week (July 27 2018), Ukippers both of them, demonstrated why this nation of ours is facing a perilous nine months.

Ex-county councilor, Laurence Keeley, is right in saying the LibDems want to remain in the EU, but so wrong in saying Tory cuts to council services are caused by our membership of that body, the richest democratic market in the world. He seems to have forgotten ex-Chancellor Osborne's austerity policy.

In the EU, we are prosperous and have a major say in its administration; outside, trading on our own as though the nineteenth century has not gone away, we will be heading for the bottom of any prosperity league and more cuts to services.

Councillor Latham lauded President Trump and berated the news media for fake news about the president. I won't labour the irony. The Donald is happy for the UK to leave the EU because he thinks that will lead to a weakening and eventual break up of the Union. That, of course, will remove the US's main economic competitor and leave the way open for exports of chlorine-washed poultry carcasses and GM crops. A Brexit Britain will be too cash-strapped to do anything about it.

However, American big business sees economics differently from the president. In recent weeks such international firms as Ford, FedEx and Nike have raised concerns about stability and a global economic downturn. American Airlines is worried that it will be unable to use Heathrow should Brexit actually occur.

On this side of the Atlantic, John Nelson, the former chairman of Lloyds, the City's insurance market, told the Financial Times that business people should be more open about Brexit and the damage it will do to the economy. He has reportedly said '…I think the population do not understand the consequences of what we are heading for at all.

Someone who has led Lloyds should know just how disastrous Brexit would be. I wonder how many people are listening?