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Wealden Liberal Democrats

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Latest advice is to vote LibDem in the South East!

May 23, 2019 8:52 AM

SouthEastStopBrexitIt's EU Elections Day today and the sun is shining so please do get out and vote! With Farage's Brexit "Party" still ahead in the polls, it's absolutely vital that Remainers and all those in favour of a People's Vote on the final deal turn out and unite to vote for the Remain Party in their region that has the best chance. In our region, the South-East, latest polls show that the LibDems are now best placed to take an extra seat from the Brexit Party and that a vote for Change UK would unfortunately be a vote wasted (they would need over 7% to get a single seat and are nowhere near that).

For up to date, non-party-affiliated advice on how to vote for all regions (their advice is based solely on collated polls and data including a helpful interactive tool showing how vote share would translate to actual MEP seats under the EU system known as the D'Hondt Method) visit:

Anyone unsure of where their local polling station is can go to this handy site to find out:

And please remind your family, friends and neighbours to vote too - it matters today more than ever!