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LibDem Candidate challenges Ghani to a pre-election hustings debate

November 5, 2019 12:07 PM

Chris Bowers, Oct 2019 - photo by Katie VandyckThe leading candidate running against Nus Ghani at the forthcoming general election has challenged her to a hustings debate - and says he wants the incumbent Tory MP to commit to staying for the full two hours. Chris Bowers Tweeted his challenge to Nus Ghani on Oct 30 the latest data by progressive alliance pro-Remain sites such as Best For Britain's showing the Liberal Democrats as now being the strongest Remain party in Wealden, Lib Dem candidate Chris Bowers has challenged the sitting MP to debate with him at a hustings in front of constituents, to be held in either Crowborough, Uckfield or Hailsham - or ideally in all three. His challenge has received a lot of positive feedback from Wealden voters, but almost a week later, Ghani has still not responded.

Bowers said, "I hear all the time that the current MP never seems to want to debate the issues, is seldom seen in Wealden and, even when she does turn up, tends to leave after a brief appearance. Sadly I have witnessed this myself - only once has she turned up to the annual political debate at Uckfield College, and even then she left early.

"Now is the time to face up to the big issues of the day. This election will in large part be a contest between two competing viewpoints - the Conservatives' continuation of harsh austerity politics at home coupled with an intolerant, inward-looking, isolationist stance, versus the Liberal Democrats' vision for a tolerant, fair and outward-looking society; one that seeks to support - not punish - hardworking families, protect our precious NHS, fight climate change and enhance our global standing by working constructively with our closest neighbours in Europe.

"Let's give Wealden voters the opportunity to see Nus Ghani put her party's vision for Britain up against ours in person! And let's guarantee that audience the full two hours of debate, not a token appearance for the photographers and then a quick exit to some social event."

In the past, churches in Crowborough, Uckfield and Hailsham have hosted hustings, and Bowers says he is committed to attending a debate in any or all of the three major towns during the upcoming general election campaign and is ready to schedule the first hustings as soon as Ghani responds to his invitation - (NOTE: as of today, November 5th, Ghani has still not responded but we will of course update this if and when she does).

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